1. A lot of people are responding in defence of the Martingale strategy. This video contains my response and explains that situation:

  2. I'll have to learn the hard way I'm trying this strategy!

    (BTW I am the worst money Management person I know)

  3. what if i use only 1% in my capital and use martingale, will it works? i mean, if i have $1000, i should start trade from $10

  4. I do the exact opposite of Martingale. If i take too big of a loss, I downsize my position sizes. I take it as a sign that I need to tweak some things and get some more practice to adjust to the market climate and I size back up as I start succeeding.

  5. You are too good and honest.. really appreciate your work and ethics! You have everything one should look in a mentor.. eager to learn more..

  6. I play black and red on roulette with the martingale strategy , trust me it does not work. Once red came 15 times in a row.

  7. you have a point , good ..thanks however no individual should trade only base on the martingle, adding some technical analysis and proven indicator strategies make you better . anyways so do you have any strategy for us

  8. am not using the martingale strategy per say, i like the fact that it helps me manage my funds in trading what amount to trade per time, thats why i like it, i use my own build strategy which i learnt from several strategy with martingale strategy as a weighing scale . and boy am making consistent profit

  9. I do get your point, but from my side I think martingale is the best, has never failed me and have been doing it for years now, The only thing you need is a good bankroll and never use money you can not afford to lose. If you are going to use this strategy, you must be an expert at what you do.

  10. Also, the problem with Martingale is that it is fucking up with your psycological part. So you're gonna be more and more wrong as you use it

  11. i can still make profit even with 1 position is winning while another 30 trade in losing position. they key here is starting with smallest lot size and finding the right setting for your martingale strategy. btw i never see market makes me losing 30 position in a row. there will be a pullback or retracement to create SnR. just need to find the right setting – i.e minimum capital, multiplier, leverage, money management, etc. 30k are the safe capital for martingale. i can make average profit 12% with 28% average draw-down every month.

  12. i've seen this so many times in the casino. the amount they loose is stupid.
    uneducated gambling

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