Time To Go LONG and Stay GREEN! | Roberto's Weekly Recap


  1. This may be one of you best, a lot of teaching. I am a member in the Warrior Chat room. I have a quick question, which package of Tradingview are you using, and is your risk reward sitting also available for download with the package?

  2. Again congrats, week after week you're killing it. Tell me, Roberto, I've traded also Roku have to the point the same entry took my first 1/3 and then it came to my entry and I hit out, so my question is how do you know that is just retesting the level and not showing weakness? Thank you for taking the time to do the recap

  3. It was a solid week and a very nice recap Roberto, thanks for the detailed explanation!👍👍👏👏

  4. Hi Mr Robert, how do you get premarket data from tradingview? What is the subscription plan? Thanks..

  5. Roberto in the cien trade you took a trade long despite the first 3 min candle got break down but then reject. What was your take on that?

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