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  1. Hey Vp.. Happy 4th🍻!! Awesome to hear IG is opening up the forex side for the US. Being a client with IG now for 6+ years trading on their Nadex platform, I can definitely contest to everything you mentioned in the video. Their customer service is impeccable. Trading is seamless and most importantly, withdraws are processed immediately, getting your money within 1 to 2 business days. I withdraw every other weds and the money hits my account first thing fri morn.
    Great vid, great content…👍lookin forward to the future..

  2. Good one V.P! I have been trading with I.G UK for about a year and half now. I recommend them to anybody reading this! They are huge and highly regulated, that along with their guaranteed stops and helpful customer service is good peace of mind for me. I cant remember it ever taking more than 24hrs to withdraw funds from my account. Happy 4th to all 😉👍

  3. All right, I checked out, oanda and IG. None of them apparently give a new york close candle system, as they pull their feeds from Europe mostly. Trading view can use the oanda/ feeds and will give you the NY close so you end up with 5 daily candles a week instead of 6, with 2 of them being less than 24 hours (which really messes up your indicators). Trading view can be linked directly to and oanda accounts however, so that is a plus. However, I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party solution to fix what should be a relatively easy fix at the broker level. Please oh please, some broker out there in the US, give us proper close times on the charts above 1 hour!

  4. Been demo trading with then from the beginning. Glad I waited to deposit until now. Thanks VP

  5. By the 18th of this month I will be using this new broker. I am happy and super thankful.

  6. IG has been offering US client accounts since at least April of this year and I opened an account but have not funded since they do not offer trading via I really love the Trading View charts and trade with Oanda. I have contacted IG with a few questions and did get English speaking customer service, they are very helpful.

  7. IG is dope. I signed up, got a guy named Kyle who called me, introduced them. ANDDD If I am correct.. you get 1:200 leverage. About 2 weeks I created my account

  8. It’s funny, I presented a question on one of your videos probably around 5 months ago, and you mentioned IG in your response. I then looked into them and about a month later I joined IG for my demo trading. I’ve been demo trading with them close to 4 months now.

    I’ve called them three times, and they have had very good customer service. I’ve actually enjoyed talking to them, as opposed to talking with someone who could barely speak English, and knew nothing about trading with a previous broker. Although I must say one of their reps gave me incorrect information on one occasion. I had asked them about taking two trades on one pair, in the SAME direction, as per the two trade strategy here, and she told me I could NOT do it in the US. Maybe she misunderstood and thought I was asking if I could hedge. I called them back later, and was given the correct info.

    The last time I called I spoke with a female Aussie. That accent alone makes their customer service worth it 😘

    They do have separate customer service for demo and live accounts. I only have a demo account with them, but I called their live account customer service to verify some questions I had about live accounts, and they took the time to answer knowing I don’t have a live account yet.

    When it comes time to trade real money, I’ll go IG. Getting $500 free from a broker is ridiculous! Who does that? Thanks VP

  9. Before the Video even starts I'm calling it either IG owners of Nadex or Oanda dealing desk broker

  10. Hi there! Thanks for the info!! I just looked at IG's website and it says IG US accounts are not available to US residents that live in Arizona or Ohio. Unfortunately, I live in Ohio. Are residents of US not allowed to trade with off shore brokers??

  11. Hi VP. Just wanted to Thank You for all the content you've provided. Your podcasts and videos are like nothing else on the internet and when I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago I was so thankful to have finally found someone that tells it like it is. I've been taking notes and absorbing as much as I can and will be starting a demo account with IG now. Hoping to be part of your tribe of forex killers one of these days! Thanks again and Happy 4th.

  12. VP I'm from Canada . OANDA seems like my best option. It's hard to find a broker that accepts CAD clients while under the IROCC.

  13. I live in Canada but spend at lease 1/2 the year in Jamaica can I trade as a Canadian or A JAMAICAN

  14. IG limits placement of your "limit" orders, they are not complying with FIFO portion of legislation.

  15. thank you VP for all the information and your remarkable work you do for us ; i want to add my experience with them " I.G " in terms of withdrawal and support department ; they are more than excellent ; all my withdrawals were transferred within less than 72 hours ; and all my questions when i was talking to them by phone were answered and i was very pleased to that ….but i am not with them now ; i am with icmarkets AUS and that is because they did not have Mt4 platform at that time 4 years ago in the branch that is located in UAE ….other than than that they are very good

  16. And Canadians get to sit in the corner and play with themselves. Everybody be thankful you are not Canadian. Our choices are bullet or bomb to your head!

  17. Americans don’t have to put up with low leverage, FIFO, and hedging restrictions. We do have other choices. I have one Oanda account for specific strategies, but my best strategies are traded on FXChoice, Traders Way, LMFX, etc. But I might consider this new broker too.

  18. 🙃🙃 Looks like IG is not fully approved in all states just yet. I will just have to wait. Looks like a great broker and look forward to using them. 🏆

  19. Is the bonus a limited time offer? I am still forward testing at the moment and don’t want to jump in with real money just yet, but I would like to take advantage of this bonus.

  20. Hell yeah. I’m with but knew ig was eventually coming. Gonna play on demo a bit to see how it feels before clicking the link. You’ve immeasurably changed my trading, thanks for all you’ve done and happy 4th!

  21. can u please make one more video about volume indicators?
    cus its really hard to find a good one all of them are useless.
    thank u so much for everything

  22. Hi VP,

    Thanks for your help.
    May I ask question

    Money management, compound interest, long term I. e. swing, how to manage it on forex ?


  23. Went to open an account with a few grand and when I click the link there is no mention of being a VP referral? How can we be sure the link is valid?

  24. Our Nanny State blows greasy wet turds. How do ya like that FIFO (first trade in first trade out rule? via Oanda etc) After they finish blowin turds they can go blow a donkey. Is IG sending lobbyists to washington with suitcases of cash? They really really need to do that.

  25. Any chance you could put some info in a blog for your peeps up in Canada. We cant use your international or US recommended brokers. Any tips or suggestions for Canadians? Thanks VP for opening up the vaults and showing us the real Forex and how to get our piece of the pie.

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