BITCOIN BREAKING TO $14,000? | Altcoin Boom Or Doom? | Libra & Privacy


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  2. All the coins including Bitcoin is a highly successful scams. Who holds more money manipulate and getting more money. If you can see what they will do you earn if not you ended up losing. I think in a short time it will be banned by US government or Supreme Court if more regular people get rapped or if it continue to get this much volatility by big sharks.

  3. Whatever definition attached to Bitcoin, the constant variation in price offers an opportunity for investors to make a profit by trading the cryptocurrency, either as a long term investment or in a speculative short term pattern.

  4. Signed up with Bybit with your link. Having a lot of fun with it, and thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  5. please talk about the fed exit pump, where our pension money will buy the top from the usual suspects in finance. it makes me so angry.

  6. Never ever again you go to drink drinks at the beach in such an inportant moment when we need ya!😉

  7. Make No mistakes. This is so bullish i can not believe it. ATH very possible this year!

  8. All credit card companies collect purchaser and retailer information. This shouldn’t be shocking that Lebra will also.

  9. Also keep an eye on sophiatx. they are going to announce new partners in the coming 2 or 3 months. and an update of a new system is coming. I have seen it pass

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  11. Carl yo how come your outfits are so swagged out like drop a link on where you get that drip homie

  12. The NYSE is literally building an exchange for bitcoin, because it's so volatile. As a short, medium term speculation vehicle, it's perfect. Longer term investment or widespread usage as a currency, is another story. Nobody knows. But Wall St. has no doubts about the profit potential right now.

  13. So Carl, if I deposit 0.2 BTC on bybit, will I get my $110 available even if I withdraw everything except the 110?

  14. Boom, bull trap sprung. Fell from 13,202 to 12,038. Currently trading around $12.3k. Gonna watch to see how much we bleed out today. Still holding on to my 10k and 8.5k bearish targets.

  15. i am getting scared with the speed of this bull run. it smells like a trap…
    if it breaks the 61.8 then BTC will take few weeks to reach ATH. and thats SCARY!
    BTC has not seen yet a real crash since the April rise

  16. Facebook only goal is to make money and collect customers infornation and sell to the highest bidder. LIBRA coin is just a front for greed. Facebook cannot be trusted.

  17. Thanks Carl . I did trade on bitmex lomg term and it reached 13 k . Should I trade long term for it will reach 14 k as per your predictions

  18. Carl always great analysis, a must watch every time… please keep them coming… subscribed and always liked

  19. I bet it will reach 20k by the end of July, all of this looks a lot like Dec 2017 ATH, just sayin' 🙂

  20. Should i trade my alt coins for BTC? Even at a small loss? Or hold them until we see them boom? Thanks

  21. Hi Carl, how are you? 2 questions:
    1. What is your comment about printed Thether? what pumping BTC price up?
    2. On Bybit you can have only one position open at the time?
    Thank you 🙂

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