Divergent Thinking in Trading


  1. That was an extremely honest and transparent video, and probably the best advice (in this era of tech and social media) a grown trader could give to a growing trader. I'm actually in this exact situation, I decided a long while ago to completely unplug from everything trading related.

    No Group Chat
    No FB Group
    I don't have IG
    I follow only 1 strategy on only 1 pair everyday

    It is extremely easy now to practice introspection, to take responsibility for my mistakes and to actually learn from them without getting completely confused trying to grow quicker than I should by asking people and watching analysis videos and other technical stuff.

    Note: I'm not in high profits or anything. Just an aspiring Trader. Good luck (skills) peeps

  2. This is the 1st video of yours I've seen and really enjoyed the content. Would welcome your feedback on my trading channel applying the Wyckoff methodology. Best, JC

  3. Schools churn out an efficient, compliant zombie work force to generate taxes. Your right about trading being a 1 player game. Loads of youtube 'experts' out there who just say what they think people want to hear. Most are 'making so much money' that they have to push their courses that go from $97 to $ 7000!

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