FOREX: Brokers Tricks To Keep You Loosing


  1. The only person I can afford to trust with my money is Mrs Sylvia Allen, Been trading with her 6months now this lady's strategy has proven to be failproof.

  2. Just found you today. I tried the gold suggestion. It went to $600. Thank you!! Looking forward to more suggestions and lessons from you.

  3. Thank you LIMSA, joining your VIP group was the best decision i'v ever made..
    God bless you bro

  4. Thank you bhuti, this will be my second week with your VIP . Last week I was so scared but I was happy at the end

  5. I'm soo proud to be part of this group. I made a killing last week from being in your VIP group. The $40 subscription is nothing compared to what you get in return. If ever you are watching this video and wondering if forex is something that can really change your me it can. Just follow the rules guys and the money will follow you:)

  6. I traded sterling to cad last week and was down from 25 to 2 dollars due to the same issue

  7. hi do you have any platform where you post signals because you hardly post on your telegram

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