Forex Coach Andrew Mitchem – How to choose a Forex Broker?


  1. Thanks Andrew for this video. I used your guideline to find my broker. I can gladly say that I have noticed every point you note down into the video and my broker AAFX live up to the expectation. This is an Australian broker. Their customer care service is very good. They are very helpful and communicative. Their trading platform is also very good. It takes my every order correctly and instantly.

  2. Thank you very much for your guideline! I seem, a number of
    new Forex traders don’t know the reliable way of choosing good broker! So, they
    start their trading with a market maker! But I have selected a reliable Forex
    broker so comfortably as my elder brother is a pro trader, he suggested me to
    start with TradingBanks, yeah I am very much happy on their live trading

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