Forex Pressure – The Real Forex Trader: Trading To Success


  1. not even remotely doing it hard for not even 2 days and there raging

    go join the army and harden up

  2. Luke's decission was a complete ACE!=Trader winner.
    The other 3 have showed complete determination that will become traders! Which is an absolute must for the industry (aand the success as a whole).=Also winners, but in a different game.

  3. I'm confused… so who won? Also what happened to the 2 left back at the office? Is there no outright winner to the comp?

    I have so many unanswered questions! lol

  4. How are they taking 100$ losses when they only have 2000$ accounts, thats 5% of your account, isn't that a bit much?

  5. Really enjoyed the whole series, learnt a lot. But that last challenge was not well thought out.

  6. The final 6 are definitely the right 6. Even if yal don't make it I'd like to follow yal. You all won my respect, your characters are worthy of praise. Drop the IG handles. (South Africa)

  7. Hope I get to join you guys soon. Don’t give up gents, fail forwards and get smart quick.

  8. Owe Ben an apology…came across a bit of a bully last vid but…fair play …stuck it out …well done ben

  9. I'm going to say Jack as through the times of adversity he kept his head high which is always a good trait of a Trader

  10. Samuel – will your book give detail on set ups for trading successfully, or is it a history of how you got to where you currently are in life?

  11. I am wondering… Are they only trade certain favourite currency pairs only? How many pairs each of them actually monitor (roughly)?
    Just wondering..

  12. The last part of the journey proves many points of trading….you need to eat and sleep well….and be in the right mind set to even think about trading.

  13. 🤣🤣 No 4g? Idk why that was so funny to me. But they all lost because the point is to keep your cool and not trade with emotion🤷🏽‍♀️ If you take a bad trade get out ASAP…The whole journey for both teams ended up being a bad trade that no one wanted to get out of. They let their pride cloud their judgement. Luke never wanted to do the challenge so he’s just out to begin with. Moreover, I’m not saying I could have done any better. 🤣🤣

  14. I must have missed something. Why does Ben have to record himself, while Jack and Mark have a camera person?

  15. So, who do I think won the challenge? I actually think it was Luke because he recognised his own limitations in the trading environment he was in and took appropriate action to remove himself from it. All the other 3 participants refused to quit. Quite pig-headed and not the actions of a pro forex trader

  16. I'll be honest, that series was a great idea but the idea was not morphed into reality very well and was actually pretty shit.

  17. Make them do this again as in a race to a place, but make them do it without any trouser on.

  18. wasn't as good as last week, but glad both teams decided to meet up. Ben came across as less of a wan*er this week and Mark and Jack are a class act

  19. both teams did really good wasn't happy to see the other member in the office that wasn't on

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