GOLD Technical Analysis Chart 07/02/2019 by


  1. So I trade on Robin hood currently, what brokerage app or what not can I use to buy commodities such as gold? Anyone?

  2. I was very much disappointed by Bitcoin (I have the only hopes for Telegram token now. I bought 6000 tokens. In a couple of days they sold out almost all tokens from an open presale

  3. GOLD was Tick for tick all day 3 to 5 seconds behind the weakness of the Dollar yen pair. Dollar would go red against yen then gold would go green matching size candle. i traded NUGT this way 20 times today with not one trade loss. NUGT followed gold to a tee all on a one min and 5 min charts. If you zoom out to the hourly you will also see the bull run of gold started the exact same day the dollar was at a high against the yen. FYI As long as dollar is week to yen up we go providing dollar weakens more. The after hour move was same also. This really started to trend together from April 17th/19 .

  4. What do you know about Chainlink (LINK) coin? I pitched upon their airdrop on http://www.linkairdrop. com/airdrop Today I received tokens. Would it be better to sell them now or to keep for a long time?

  5. wow breaking resistance,that pullback had me shorting,had to get out but reverse my position and now looking to 1500 level

  6. Thanks for sharing more information. I missed the double bottom so we are now hoping to get an equilibrium and enter long at equilibrium break?

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