Great Forex Live Trading! Using Trendlines strategy on 15m!


  1. Mr. Salah I wanted to ask you I we could use hit and run for long trades, using 4h time frames?

  2. Hie salah, I have started using your scalping strategy and it's making a lot more sense given that I can do it even during working hours, Please can u clarify on breaches of support and resistance. I am struggling to do it right.
    When doing the video recordings also please try to zoom in the sections which you will be looking at, such that when you are setting the S and R lines it will become easy to follow


  3. Greeting from Venezuela my friend , I have a doubt . What leverage should I use for my IC markets account? default is 1:500 , Are you using 1:500? Thanks

  4. Hello Mr Salam please i really want you to throw more light on How to trade the strongest and weakest currency per with the help of finviz…thanks

  5. Hlw salah!I would like to thank you for what u have been doing,you have improved a lot my understanding of the fx market. god bless u broh

  6. ASIC is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Recently, they have decided to cease accepting clients who are resident outside of Australia and New Zealand.

  7. Salam mr salah..just wanna confirm.if we use hit n run suppoort n resist strategy,we should trade on s or r no 2,but for trendline we trade on first attempt?

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