Here’s How You Can Get a Great Mentor & Keep Them


  1. Great lesson right here. Time validation is often misunderstood. Karen dropping wisdom.

  2. Very agree with you Ms. for myself Mentor mainly is as a ‘Guidance’ to success, then almost 99.9% it is up to the individual themselves..

  3. if there is a person who tells the truth about forex it is Karen Foo, i give her 100%

  4. traders need to get wiser and appreciate the opportunities right in their faces. Trade with an expert trader today, the profit market waits for no one.

  5. how i find my mentor ?? for me ,since i heared about trading i became a true vacuum XD youtube google were my mentor and i thanks God for moving forward

  6. inspiring and wise words , the video youtube selection are enough to be succesfull if we want realy success , you bring us a lot ,, thank you for advice Karen and for sharing your experience , and for free

  7. Very informative execution is the best key to success 1st you do some little effort for mentor without asking that you will be my mentor

  8. I don’t know how to express my gratitude KAREN FOO thank you for everything 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Hello Karen, I don't easily get convinced by what I see on the internet, but I've been watching some of your videos and I think you are the real deal. You just got a subscriber. Lots of love from Africa

  10. You are so right…i joined a bunch of meet ups n made mistakes along the way but spoke to the ones i knew were honest..sometimes the broker has classes they offer n I sign up for that too n meet ppl who r interested in forex too

  11. Awesome video and information, especially the part about doing 10X more than is required. Please keep the videos coming, you are appreciated.

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