How to Trade Penny Stocks (Beginner Strategies): Class 1 of 4


  1. I am totally new on this. Vocabulary is totally new, I am listening and reading. Feel a little overwhelmed. I want to change my financial situation. Hope I understand all you teach. Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. I'm at the very beginning of my quest to understanding how this all works. What is the name of the 'software' (if it is software) used to portray the data used at 10:58. I mean to ask what is the name of the tool used to gather that data? Is it self created/programmed?

  3. I bought penny stock @ .50 and years later the TOTAL value was $3.00. Then I got a letter from the company saying the stock split, and they sent me a certificate for 1 share ($3.00) and some incomprehensible statement about a partial debenture (I think) the value is zip, zero, nada. My certificate was stolen on the bus. They'll replace the $3 stock for $75. The corporation does not answer calls, not even investor relations. So much for that.

  4. BIG QUESTION: if THIS BUYING AND SELLING OF STOCKS at 3 to 10 dollars is so easy to do….can I ask, why is not EVERYONE doing it???? 🙁 thanks for reading

  5. I’m SOOOOOO impressed, not by how well you have done trading penny stocks (well..that too of course!) but for the fact that your voice is so CALM.. you explain things SO WELL!!

    Unfortunately, most traders have a ton of agitation in their voices. I thought one becomes like that because of agitation in stock market. I didn’t want to become like that. When I see you, it gives me an assurance that I won’t ☺️☺️☺️

  6. Forgive me if you have talked about this before but how much money can I start with? I just opened a Robinhood account yesterday do to the no minimum but I do not see many of the penny stocks on there.

    Can I realistically start with $1000?

  7. I see class 1 of 4…but classes 2,3,and 4 are missing. Was this a bring us in and charge for the rest type of thing or am I missing the other classes someplace?

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