How to Trade Summer Markets: Tips For Trading Forex, Stocks 🌞


  1. I scalp year round but it especially makes sense during the summer "doldrums". Add contracts and take your high probability 4-8 tick scalps. Keep the money flowing. If you want to swing, get back to focusing on that when volatility picks back up which is normally around mid September.

  2. Absolutely agree!! You can see the result of low trading volumes ans liquidity. Cannot not sustain any impulsive moves for very long.

  3. Any advice on "how to stop calling tops & bottoms and fakeouts?". I think Im keep trying to be contrarian and keep look for reasons to counter trend trade.
    I have only been making little money by scalping little moves but never made money on trends… I am keep thinking "this time it will be different and bull flag will break downward this time"

    For years, I see a trend breakout starting, but I don't join the trend because many initial breakout looks like a fakeout after a long consolidation. I also see a long lasting bull trend and dont hop on the trend because I think it is "over extended" and look for short opportunities.

  4. I can't believe there are so many penny stocks trading I've seen 700% with an ask and bid . I'm up 37% today I have been studying for the last 4 months it paid off today .

  5. Good advice for traditional markets. Crypto trading is perpetual and is a different animal but does follow this trend but just not as rigid. Great Vid

  6. I'm working hard to afford a villa by the Italian lakes, spend the summer there and trade lightly but mostly chill!.

  7. Доcтупно и oчень понятно,, интepecнo и весьмa познaватeльнo.. Хoрoшee видеo получилось!

  8. I was eyeballing the daily GBPUSD in 2017, 2019 and it doesn,t really look like this or am i missing sth?

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