Indepnedence Day Holiday Stock Market Volume Up, Jobs Report Booms


  1. Yes, JPM called crypto garbage but they are now selling crypto investments to capitalize on the craze/mania but they are not investing in crypto themselves.

  2. You do not lower rates in a booming economy. Wake up people….just look at the inverted yield curve.

  3. Cypto will only have intrinsic value when it is backed by an asset, blockchain has intrinsic value which all the banks are getting into and this shouldn't be confused with cryptos. BC is over priced even at $10 and I'd say its even over valued at $0.00001. So everything above that is a bubble, time will tell.

  4. Many of the NBA players, and other athletes, use their finances to start businesses. I highly doubt they call themselves governors. They most likely have always called themselves business owners.

  5. What's the real deal with the last job's report? Some say it was really bad and others say it was great.

  6. You'd think someone at Niki would have been smart enough to take a lesson from DICK'S .

  7. The Federal Reserve owns the U.S.Congress, the U.S. courts and the U.S. military. Make any progress toward shutting it down and you will die.

  8. I'll never buy another Nike product either. If the Betsy Ross flag is so racist, then why were two of them used in Obama's 2nd inauguration?

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