IQ Option best 95% Perfect signal Indicator|| Attach With MT4|| Free Download !! 2019


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  3. Honestly, i could not download the signal and templete, the link was giving me something else, pls clearify

  4. can you live stream iq option in you tube… Then we all make profits, Think about that..

  5. I did applied all the setting on my MT4 as shown on the video. I tried some trade on IQ Option and am loosing. Please I don't know where am getting it wrong maybe you can throw more on that, thank you for the great job.

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  7. Is it 70% working condition ? Sir I loss lot of money fake sofwere or tols some take amount they give dummy software

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  10. When there is green signal in downtrend you put and you write call what means I can't understand

  11. I will share like you do. I promise. Thank you very much for sharing the indicator.

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