Is Forex Trading The Easiest Way To Get Rich?


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  6. Awesome explanation!
    Just wanted to add a little extra for everyone on Forex,

    Only way to have a “Passive Income” in forex is to have a currency pair trade pay you interest.
    Example: Eur=0% interest, UsDollar=2.5%
    Selling this pair (EUR/USD) will mean your selling Euros (paying no interest) and buying Dollars(will pay you 2.5%)

    With that being said there are opportunities to be in trades that can pay you daily interest which means your making passive income.

    BEWARE: you must have knowledge in trading just like the video suggest, because if you don’t know how to find zones, see trends you can just get stopped out or worse…. OWE! If you don’t know how to trade!

  7. Trading forex and others without a masterclass strategy is like a waste of time. There is an opportunity to actually make profit from forex all by yourself. There is an ongoing free investment offer with profit returns to your bitcoin address only. Kindly hit me up for more details amyweiser100@gmail,com

  8. No forex isn't quick rich scheme. Takes years. Its hard learning but earning is worth it.

  9. I love this guy; his persona and speech are really something. 😊 Having said that I couldn't focus 100% on him though because the music overlapped what he was saying. Could you maybe lower the volume or have no music in future? I love the Minority Mindset! Xx

  10. From personal experience, you need a large account size, patience and precision entry amongst strong psychology to be successful in the Forex realm.

  11. Really appreciate the videos! The margin bit really got my attention. I hear of it a lot and I'm really looking forward to the video on it.

  12. How do I go about learning how to 2x -10x my money? Anyone with references, feedback is highly appreciated.

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  14. The only reason I watch Minoraty Mindset is because of AK. Dont like Jasperee that much.

  15. Actually I think the big question is it worth it when the odds are 50/50 aren't they? Its a better gamble than scratch offs. You are either right and the currency went up and so you make money
    or you are wrong and the currency fell so you lose. It doesn't by nature seem difficult but at the same time its too much speculation because there are numbers of countries and banks
    like he said that are hedging their money to win big.

  16. I gotta question that's been on my mind: Can you be a successful stock market investor long term without reading all the financial stuff?

    I've tried to read the 10K reports and it's so dry that it puts me to sleep.

  17. I’ve been trading fx since 2015 the answer is yes but it’ll take time. But you can get rich off of teaching how to trade that’s how traders really make consistent income. Especially in the beginning

  18. Wait…ain't this the guy who answers questions which arise from every episode of Billions? 🤔

  19. Forex trading can be extremely lucrative. My business partners have made $2000 in one day. BUT they only made $10,000 their first year. It takes time but if you are committed to learning you will develop a high income skill.

  20. Ninja aint even good he didn't make it to the world cup. But neither did i lol

  21. Thanks..y'all must read my mind..I'm just learning this skill set and was wondering if I'm making a good investment in this trading education services

  22. LLOOOLLLL I been trading forex for 5 years I went through the rookie mistakes emotions,greed,fear, and luck. After 3 years became very consistent and I day trade 4 to 6 hours a day sometimes just 3 depending on market conditions. You can make a ton of money from the Forex market but ask yourself this question. Are you prepared to lose money and go through the trials to become a consistent professional?

  23. I am not an internet marketer. I am a Forex Trader. This is only half true. Seems more like fear mongering and it's the exact reason why more people don't try different things. I don't belong to any Forex marketing company i trade for myself but if I were to see this video before I jumped into the markets I probably would be turned around. Good info but bad delivery. Trading is difficult, but just like anything, the more you do it the better you get.

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