Officially Quitting My Job For Forex


  1. Amazing stuff Jay. You are really inspiring and humble. You really are someone I look up too I hope to be on the same track as you in the next few years. It’s great that you are having your son around this, he’s being enlightened to the REAL. Praying for your success and family 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Congratulations bruh I am going to be there one day soon keep a positive attitude n stay focused and you will succeed

  3. I love this shit. The dream stays alive for me. I'm glad I discovered trading 2 months ago.

  4. Congrats Jay wish you the best, just have you tried i.g. platform and what do you think?

  5. Good job man I'm happy for ya! Jobs really get in the way of much bigger things. Just a means to an end. And now it's an end of that! God bless you

  6. You, Jay -Take-Profits are, my mentor. I have been following you for 3 months. I subscribed to all of your social media platforms. I made my first positive trade yesterday. I watched the same four videos over and over and over until I learned your strategy.  I am confident I will be successful because of you. Thank you Jay-Take Profits, for being a beautiful sharing spirit. I am not scared either. Let's make this money and help others. Love you, Paula-Take-Profits. I am also a real estate agent pursuing my broker license.
    P.S. I want to join Take-Profit-Tuesday. Can you explain what I need to do to be on the team?

  7. How do people loose when trading and think it is normal. No it is not. Binary trading has secrets and principles which when abided you must have success. Lucky I found a person who knows the secret of trading so I now gain immensely. $5000 a week is the minimum I make now thanks to Mr Sam. You can contact him on Tradewithsam36 @gmail. com Instagram: tradewithsam36

  8. Congratulations Jay. Wish you all the best. Soon im gonna do the same to go full time trading

  9. Wouldn't an S-corp business be better for taxes. An LLC isn't that much different from sole proprietorship. You should talk to a tax attorney and get that squared away. Different states different laws.

  10. Brother I cannot say God start with you cause was with that day you was in the church and meet with the friend has lovely message, so God has planned good things brother

  11. You look and sound very interesting. Why don’t U start to think writing a book about yourself and long journey to trader. Congratulation quitting safely your job . You are such an inspiration to so many. Your are a real dream to me 👍

  12. Well done mate , I started with IML about 1 month ago and I have came across your channel and I'm taking on your mindset . Very inspirational the way your going about things . Keep up the good work and the videos coming . Coming from Glasgow Scotland 🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✌@jaytakeprofits

  13. Grats brother, always watched you but never commented.  You are doing something many of us just dream about!

  14. Blessings bro💯🙌🏽🔥 I’m in the same predicament you were in working only a few days a week and learning about trading most of the time I’m off work. This is the best time for me to watch this video today because you just inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing and continue to pursue my dreams as a trader

  15. Totally inspirational bro,the move that makes you the champion in Forex trading,much respect and all the best,may god bless you and the family,all those who are involved 🙂 in this solid foundation…..keep it real brother!!

  16. Damn you ain’t gone try to help them learn at the job ? Lol 😂 they low key envious right now

  17. It's not about a black green white green race concept in this u a man that beat the system 💯💯💯

  18. oh man, this is motivating! I can't wait for that day to happen to me! Working hard! LETS GOOOOO!!!

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