SECOND UPDATE : Elliott wave analysis of GOLD PRICE , July-01-2019


  1. Did gold have a big jump up today before it fall back under 1400 $ ? I se graf on Tavex

  2. As you say, looks like gold bounce failing below $1,391. No surprise if gold tests multi-year breakout zone around $1,365 or even $1,350. That'll set it up for even stronger move up towards $1,500.
    This short trading week, following no bad news from last weekend's G20, means US stocks may creep higher, gold down to test support. Then all hell to break loose with failing US$ & US stocks to boost gold. I don't agree with your longer term view that gold will move down substantially. US$1,350 may be solid floor forever as US$ becomes worthless paper or digits as all fiat currencies do.
    Thanks for your analyses… much appreciated… and pay no regard to demongogues from hell – by their words you shall know them.

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