Stock Market Technical Analysis 7-17-19


  1. No video today after the Fed jawboned the market? What do you have to say about this kind of manipulation?

  2. Market has priced in a 25 points rate cut and is focusing on fantastic earnings..Beating the expectations is good, but disappointing means the start of a sell-off. And there's uncertainty about a deal with china.THis will pay off certainly in coming weeks.I think Randy is too optimistic even :), I see a guge crack coming here to 20% lower levels. It is obvious for me , based on technicals, so , Randy , don't be too careful, the time and the signals are here now to go down..Thx for your analysis, I like it.

  3. Finally, after being wrong for multiple weeks Randy is right and we also entered few shorts trades. But make no mistake Randy has been stubbornly wrong for multiple weeks and missed opportunities to the upside that is not how it’s done. Bulls will do what they are doing for 120 years, wait for falling wedge.

  4. I know you have been ask this a million times, but can I ask what charring software you are using? Thanks….

  5. Transports DJT got took out behind the wood shed. It's a market leading indicator in my opinion more downside in the coming weeks I suspect

  6. PPO and RSI are similar to the junk they sell in TV at 3:00 in the morning, just gadgets that sound good but really don't work.

  7. Now where are those trolls saying “remove your bearish bias, Randy!”. This is only the beginning. Lots of gaps to fill.

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