Thursday Watchlist Day 4 of Trading in Italy!


  1. thank you know I love the content…I hear you and learn from you great videos..I like your style!

  2. In Europe you don t have to wake up early in the morning , here the stock opens in my case at 4:30 PM

  3. Oh my god Ross, nice to see you back in the green buddy, it sure was a tough week! I skipped my delayed Papertrading (TradeZero) today to watch you trade live, and I learned a lot about execution and your thought process behind the trades, when they unfolded live, priceless! thank you soo much and have a nice vacation ! ­čÖé

  4. Hi Ross, today I traded alongside you with CETX. I walked away down 310.00 which isnt to bad in the long run. I made 25 round trip trades where 3 were positive. My average loser amounted to about $70. My average winner was I think a little over $100. I got faked out time and time again when I attempted to buy high of day. Once I got stopped out the stock would turn around and surge upwards which is obviously very frustrating. Im sure you will do a recap later today but I was hoping you could go in depth as to the price action today and how to avoid getting stopped out so often. I noticed you bought prior to break of resistance which I thought would be a bit risky but maybe Im wrong. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  5. Ross I want a discount for your course. Like it guys please let him do it ­čĄ×­čĆ╝

  6. Great call Ross.
    Also Question for someone
    Do you trade CFD, spread betting or stock (in UK so rules might be different re CFD etc) would really appreciate an answer. Thanks

  7. Thank you for sharing your livestream trade. I always watch your pre-mkt and mid-day recaps and find them very informative. I am impressed about how calm you seem while trading.

  8. what city in italy are you in? planning a trip in july wondering which cities are best for trading and vacationing =)

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