15,000 pips move!! What happened to the Argentina peso??


  1. I don't trade on Fundamental. I use technical indicators and Price Action with Support, Resistance, SMA. That's it! I don't trade on the news either such as NFA, and I've done well!

  2. so Cleveland this sounds like is good for day traders but how about those who have a day job and can't be around to take advantage of these moves?

  3. Hello guys I'm new to this world of trading so I got this question now you guys do taxes? I'm in USA.

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  5. Tradersway will let youni believe I use them they are in the dominican republic and also you use bitcoin or crypto through coinbase or any other crypto wallet to get money in your account if in the US… they arent shady they do not have the FIFO rule you can hedge and leverage goes up to 500:1 which is the highest you can and only should trust from an off shore broker also an ECN broker they also have fixed and variable spreads as well but honestly I tried both the difference price in spread or paying a commission which in most cases they average out to about the same and I have tried plenty of brokers testing that out but do your own due diligence. I also tested it for the people who dont have money to trade but want to get started it a good one to use. And this broker has been around for a while too so anyway.
    Happy trading!

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