6 Ways Your Mind Is Tricking You Into Being a Losing Trader | Psychological Trading Mistakes


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  3. yes. winning streak, making us thinking that we now in the right path of trading, making us delusional.

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  5. Beginner tip, if you see someone in the comments section advertising their emails or numbers, it’s 10000% scam. Lol

  6. Best thing I ever did was to start printing off a chart of each trade with the buy and sell days noted on it. Then I analyze it according to my rules to see if it was a good buy or a bad buy and note why. I also note if it was a good sell or a bad sell and why. Amazing how much you learn and improve your trading doing that one thing.

  7. It's funny how so many people think they can make an accurate prediction just by reading financial news sites… That's why so many find it hard to profit. I leave my trading decisions to Harry Clark. His has never let me down

  8. Hello. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Do you do copy trade?
    Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos. Usted hace copy trade?

  9. I've been here.. lost a lot of money believing the price will reverse, increasing positions size everytime it went against me… It's a lesson learnt and a very good short educative video.. thumbs up for your great effort and elaborate illustration…

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