Agimat 2020 Honest Review


  1. Thanks for sharing some the great idea on how to use the Agimat 2020. It has cleared some doubt i have about using JP sticks instead of HS.
    Please would be able to share with me the too these indicators: ISM-BPCT and Symbol

  2. Im in the pip bandits group and their vip signals, if you get agimat and learn from this team you can't go wrong, thanks for the upload nos, It helped me personalise my agimat!

  3. Nice video to the point. Is there any difference if i bought the system from either you or Dennis. Do i still get the same kind of service in the event of a system upgrade… Do i also get those Indicators and the Chart Box where you have all pairs…
    Are you able to provide me with the Growth Plan & Trading Journal…
    How long have you been using this system…

  4. To make life easier and subject to numerous requests for the additional indicators i use to customize the look of the Agimat, you can join our telegram group where we discuss and trade here:

  5. Hey Nos, Great Video On How To Customise Agimat 2020, Very Insightful. Thankyou 🙂👍 📈📉

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