Beware! The Russell 2000 Could Explode Either Way! + New Tesla Setup, Litecoin, Bitcoin,& AUDNZD


  1. Hi Tim, I have problem on the declining volume. For Russell 2000, the volume has highs and lows for the setup but it is still a declining volume? Maybe can further elaborate what is the criteria for declining volume? Tks.

    For the video suggestion, I would like to know exactly the process you do daily as a full time trader. I know you mentioned some of the processes but maybe you can tell us the exact timing in which you do your scanning for setup, how much time you use, etc.. basically a typical day after you wake up, what you do, etc. Reason I am asking is I am not sure as a full time trader should we get another job and just spend one or two hours trading on a daily basis. I am worried all those politics in the corporate world will affect my trading but then, I need some stable income as well. Tks.

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