Bitcoin Is Going.. Sideways?! August 2019 Price prediction, News & Trade Analysis


  1. A critical study shows a correction is just at hand and the bitcoin would most definitely fall to just above $9,000 but the great thing about it is there is also strong indications of a rapid uphill ride which would see bitcoin quickly ascend to $16,000 and above. What concerns me and should every serious crypto enthusiast is how to accumulate in anticipation of the imminent increase in value and my basic strategy which has worked for me for the past 3 months now is guided trading using a signal system provided by Mr Steven Palacios. He is one of the best signals providers and within my first 4 weeks of using his system, i had increased my portfolio by over 5btc. More awareness should be created concerning Steven and others that good should provide avenues to help less experienced traders become profitable too. Steven can be reached by mail (stevenpalacios769@ gmail. com) for inquiries on how his system functions

  2. So many mixed signals, no idea where price is headed… Will keep eyes on the 10.3K region.
    Btw, what's the actual reason why you can't show the trades? Technical difficulty?

  3. The bulls seem ro be quite resilient, no? Sound is a bit low.. not sure if you heard that throm others as well.. and again, im watching this 5 hrs after its release and you just call nearly everything so well.

  4. I recently had shares of apu and they had a merger today .Now my shares are just stuck on robbinhood and I can't seem to get a good answer on what is going to happened to my money invested or shares?Any idea

  5. It can keep going up 30% for the day on those 25x leveraged trades. Just scalping the 78.6 fibonacci retracements on the 1 minute chart is very profitable

  6. Hey Krown, We are waiting badly your solution to be able to give/show us more trading idea live too, not only recorded! Otherwise hat off for your depth analysis each day . Keep up the very good and entertaining show!!!!🧡

  7. You shouldnt worry about making the video shorter.(Time poor people being inpatient) It would be better if you put the shit coins in as well as an indicator and make the analysis more thorough – still loving your work

  8. Nice. btw: Tone was very disrespectful to you yesterday. But you never let it bother you, and you always maintained a professional demeanor. Kudos to you. Your mother would be proud.

  9. moon boiz want 20k , bear boiz want 3k .. sideways after 14k was so predictable. with the way I have the triangle plotted the longest this consolidation lasts is up until first few days of September

  10. The total crypto market cap excluding BTC changes from time to time (i imagine coz it's all shit coin that can easily be made or destroyed), that could cause the BTC dominance chart to change weirdly also.

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