Day Trading The Natural Gas Report With $100,000


  1. Out of 10.5 YEARS, there are only 52 DAYS you could’ve bought bitcoin & be down today.

  2. Also Ricky you show here making $1553 for the day bringing you to the 1.5% percent, but what about all the broker fees for each trade, looks like you did a lot, do you take that into consideration on $1553 or is this number is after all the broker fees etc? Thanks for any input you can provide on this.

  3. Hey Ricky what percentage of the $100k do you typically trade on any given stock at the time? I've learned not to use more than 8 percent of your account on any given trade. I would like to get your input on this. So I trade with $1600 account I won't put more than $200 on any given stock at a time.

  4. I like your videos Ricky but holding cash in the thumbnail makes you look a bit of a dick in my eyes.

  5. Wow Ricky this is crazy I remember working with you in Santa Ana at the T-mobile store lmao look at you now bro

  6. I really need DGAZ to go up because my baby moma keeps threatening to put me on child support.

  7. Thx Ricky! I'm getting the feel of trading this symbol, I have been waiting for entry points when the RSI turns light blue, but I need to wait on conformation more because it has caused me to sell off to early….. The VWAP RSI and MACD indicators work well together! the only bad thing for me is I am currently trading on Fidelity and I am using TD to watch it, it slows me down a little….. if I get this down and earn half percent a day… I'm going to tell the wife she can retire!

  8. I'll be watching you trade live for the first time I live in Miami I think it's gonna be 8:30 here by the time you start

  9. Ricky I want to thank you for your vids and sharing your techniques. I find many of your tradings strategies are close to my own. I’ve been lucky to have had a very good mentor. Even though his trading strategies in one way or another didn’t work for me so I would develop my own. This worked out for me with some adjustments along the way. It’s nice to see your strategies because it helps me in tweaking my own. Again thanks for your videos and good luck Trading.

  10. Find you very informative my guy! When i climb up the ranks in trading, we'll chop it up sometime.

  11. Okay, where is the report found?
    Also, what is your prediction for DGAZ tomorrow? Or for the month? Do you think itll continue the incline?

  12. Hi, I have a question: which plataform can use by make stock trading of Colombia?? Ty and excellent video is a inspirations in Latinamerica 👍

  13. Hey Ricky, can you do a video explaining the steps of confirmation of the futures (/CL or /NG) prior to making a position on any ETFs? Or is it just based on the indicators? Maybe you have one already, if so can you shoot the link please!

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