Don't Trade With Candlestick Charts Until You Watch This…


  1. Hey Rayner. Thanks for all the uploads. Just started trading and I'll be going on a binge on your channel. Keep it up buddy 🙂

  2. Maybe Zig Zag indicator could help if naked eye didn't catch trending & retracement move … isn't it ??

    Thanx bro

  3. This channel deserves the notification bell on.
    Very useful information, very well explained.
    Thanks a lot for this priceless knowledge!

  4. As usual Awesome Rayner…
    But one thing…Why don't u take Indian market NIFTY & BANK NIFTY in your examples . Mind u Rayner u hv good number of viewers in India…And it will increase multifold if u take abv. mentioned charts in your examples.

  5. Great video! Are theese tips and your other videos applicable for trading stocks aswell? Is the market behaving the same no matter what you trade?

  6. You are the best man, thank you.. I'm a far much better trader than I was before I started watching your videos & reading your books.. God bless you

  7. Thanks for this video Rayner, Please i still don't understand how to set my stop loss and stop gain. then can l use it for less than one hour trading?

  8. Thank you Rayner, i do believe the most trustworthy indicator is candlestick, since it's the one that tells us exactly what's happening in the market.

  9. Hey Rayner, you are one of the best mentor on trading out there. I have learnt so much from you so and I look forward to each video you have. Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks Rayner! after one and a half years of trading and 4 courses many things are making sense in my trading now that I am in a live account, already starting to have consistency and feeling confident of what I am doing, a lot of this is thanks to your nice videos. Keep up the good work!

  11. Should've taught this in grade school instead of the bullshit they taught me thru out the years

  12. very powerful stuff , but one question please, can we use this tips for all time frames , or just from daily to higher time frame

  13. hey rayner, i want to join pro traders edge but i have debit card to make the payment, please on payment page add debit card option also so, i can join pro traders edge.

  14. I wish I had knew this few years back,which would have saved my hard earned money and would have not gone through all that pain.guys watch this video again and again this is magic .thank you alot teo 👍👍👍

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