Fibonacci Trading Strategy For Beginners | Class 2


  1. I've been trading fibs for many years and I think you did a spot on job explaining this clearly to the point. Good job.

  2. Seems to work great in hindsight. Would love to see an actual video of them being effective live…

  3. ust because you lost in the past doesn't mean you can't advocate against it now don't let your past invalidate your current mindset,growth is a concept embrace it.
    Despite my previous losses, I have been able to grow over it and achieve the best life time opportunity trading with Harry Clark.

  4. Great vid man. 52% done the course and I feel like I'm really getting it. Really enjoy your content, it's way better then the crap being spewed by the rest of YouTube traders. You need the BRT logo on the wall behind you

  5. I swear this is the most underrated channel on YT, I have never seen any other channel provide so much quality information for free. Keep grinding man. Btw you should start uploading daily re-caps again i loved those

  6. Would of been nice if you included the entries, close above a certain level with a close just under it or at the next lvl under

  7. You're not using the default coefficient values, and you've added two more curves? Why? How did you determine what values to use?

  8. Yes my man! Keep the videos going! I belive in seen pretty much every singel video thst youv posted! Love it man!

  9. One of the best tools to use in trading with great potential when done right. I hope you guys learn this and make time to combine it with your trading plan to increase your trading accuracy or entry point.

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