Forex Weekly Analysis: Opportunity to bank pips on EURJPY this week


  1. On point as always..
    Well, this week I have a few questions..
    1. I've tried my best to understand what Brexit is from other resources but I honestly couldn't.. So was wondering if I could either be referred to an older video of you guys explaining this or if you could make a quick short one.

    2. Is it possible for these 'week ahead' videos to be posted on Sunday?

    3. I see in the description: "The ECB that tilted dovish" and they're most concerned about the Growth of the economy- Could I maybe get the links to see exactly what the Central Banks are thinking to do.. Even if it's a set a different link for all the different banks.

  2. thanks for the video. I would be interested to know what are the key fundamentals that influence the monthly trend on the currency pair to change direction. for e.g in 2002 Feb, EURUSD become Bullish while in 2008 Jul, the EURUSD become bearish. is it a string of bad or good news that starts to change the currency pair trend direction? I was thinking the base pair USD may have driven this but after seeing EURJPY, it had a similar trend pattern

  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for the lovely videos.
    I was hoping you could add a recap of the previous week's analysis and trades as well.

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