How To Get STARTED Trading The Stock Market For Beginners


  1. Zed how can i identify if a stock is overbought/oversold? I traded alibaba after reading the earner reports on their website and it beat analyst expectation but when i bought it just dropped in price..

  2. Thank you so much Zed for every video you've posted here on youtube, I hope you reach a billion dollar net worth! 💯💯

  3. I started trading with Marilyn Thuyen early this year, i started off with $50,000 which has returned a $650,000 profit

  4. Wat up Zed. Looking to find out what trading platform you use? Appreciate the vids my friend👍

  5. I'm seen alot of videos on your channel but can you take me to the once that you show:
    – Which trade platform to use?
    – Best websites to look for news?
    – Best way to find their Quater Report and all necessary financial reports.

    By the way
    I like what you do.
    Good job!

  6. Hey how can i buy the curse and can i pay with credit/debit card cause am from iraq and i cant open a paypal account

  7. Hi Zed,
    I love your vids and was wondering if the discord is public or if its for your students only?

  8. Made 1,000 simulator using ur strat than lost a thousand on another stock…but from what lve learned lve kinda been green for about 3 days so thanks bro.

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