HOW TO TRADE Heiken Ashi Stochastic Strategy (HEIKEN ASHI Trading Strategy) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


  1. Hello Raunak ji, watched Renko series at a stretch. Its excellent and useful. Can you pls share setups you come across?

  2. You have some of the better heiken ashi videos out there. A lot of people discount them because they don't accurately show price but if used in the context that you present here as momentum based on the range of the bar, they become very powerful. Thanks for the videos!

  3. Hi ST, Sorry for asking again the unanswered question..Did you do any trading related to course or you have learnt everything on your own..Thanks

  4. This is the first video that I think I understood completely and looks very promising. I watched more than two times and still could not see if you discussed about stop loss. This is one area that I am struggling to cope up with. Please let me know if there is any rule to fix the stop loss in this strategy or I have to exit whenever the loss is not acceptable to me. I wish there is a rule.

  5. Hello sir,
    I request you to kindly suggest a reliable broker. My broker in the name of server issue does not allow to put SL or even sell at market price. This is a routine. Their sever becomes superfast once the price retraces back to mean. Kindly guide. Thank you.

  6. Sir nice vedio. but in the upstox RS is not available pls suggest which web site i can use to practice this method

  7. Nice strategy Bro… Try to make opinions trading strategies and advice stock sizing or position Bro… Thank you for sharing ur knowledge to us

  8. Good morning SIR ,Belated happ birthday Sir ,was using this strategy but concept is now very clear with moving average and candles structure , thanks sir for adding one more page of knowledge .

  9. sir, if u allow , i want to publish relative strenght indicator on, with ur name..and make it available for public view…so that now onwards every one can utulize this

  10. Sir I follow your trading strategies.
    Sir I want to know books related to fundamental analysis
    Sir plz help me

  11. Hi sir. The way you explaining the things itself says that you're professional trader. I like your videos very much. I kindly request you to make a intraday live trading video. Step by step from choosing the scrips entry stop loss and trailing stop loss and where to exit. It will be very helpful for most of our subscribers. Thank you once again I hope you will do it.

  12. Whether we should look for the stochastic entering 30 or reversing from 30. As many a times stocks falls and stochastic stays below 30.
    Look for HDFC, stoch below 30 for a long time and stock is falling..

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