How to Trade Ichimoku Plus Ichimoku Trading Strategy. Stocks, Crypto, Forex.


  1. Thanks for the video, keep up the great work ! =)

    I have a question about a strategy that I am developing. I know that you do not like to determine entries on indicators, but I would like to try this.

    For my scalping strategy on the 15M, I would like confirmation of the trend on a higher TF. Could the Ichimoku Cloud work well for this?

    So only take a long on the 15M if on the 3HR:
    – the conversion line above the base line and both above the cloud;
    – price above the conversion line;
    – current cloud (offset in the future) is green;
    – price is above the cloud that is directly below the price

    And for shorts then of course, the other way around.

    For my scalping strategy, I have not been able to find a very good other confirmation on higher TF.

    I can also ask this in a coming stream, if that suits you better.

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