How Trump News Affects DAY TRADING The Stock Market


  1. I’ll look closer at economic news when making my trades. I managed to end the day green, but this trade war Trump is waging us doing nobody any favors.
    Well, maybe the day trades/swing trades can be good in the days following the Dow tanking 700 points

  2. These days it hard to find a genuine trader,i lost numerous times trading by myself I started gaining profit when I contacted Erin
    She helps me trade

  3. No wonder everyone was freaking when the rate cuts came out, no one in the group was informed

  4. To all if those watching this- markets have been very choppy the last month or so and direction has been predicated heavily by such news. Do not rely solely on technicals. Stay updated with market news as well.

  5. No one makes money day trading stocks. You get lucky once, maybe twice, but the house will always win if you trade.

  6. Great video! I'm SO glad you made this I was literally thinking today about the irony of him calling China a currency manipulator yet he is the most market manipulative president ever. Lol I also thought about asking you today what your opinion on Trump being able to manipulate the market with a single tweet was but didn't want to get into politics on the Livestream lol

  7. i wouldn't be quick to dismiss losses as relating to Trump News, its quite a bit bigger than that. China is devaluing their currency and its having a huge effect across the board. china hopes it can destabilize the market. The Yuan and the Dollar are going to decrease in value. buy your Bitcoin soon.

  8. Love how the thumbnail still has a smile on it, Ricky always owning up to his sh.t. 🤙🏼

  9. I did great, I saw the direction of dtw was oversold and noticed it descending, didn't know about the news and said to myself, where can this actually go, I came to $6 as a bottom and support and nailed it. But that's only because the downtrend wasn't stopping

  10. Hey ricky if it makes you feel any better I accidentally sold my position at 0.67% instead of 5.5% today because I thought i typed 90.00, but typed 80.00 instead instantly selling my order during an aggressive push up. FeelsBadMan

  11. Trump and trade news have been the main drivers of interest rates by far over the last two years!

  12. was expecting a bounce up today from yesterdays analysis but not this fast, saw the pop but hesitated, ended up trying to short the "top" which ended up continuing up, big lesson i learned was to be patient and stick to my plan. great video ricky

  13. Key points to take from this video .
    1) be patient and always wait for confirmation .
    2) do not allow a failure or a success to define your trades. Learn from them .
    3) every day is a different challenge
    4) heed important economics news .

  14. Today I was green. But I wasn’t sure what caused it. So i looked into it and educated myself on tariffs and how they play a role. It’s nice to see a video confirming what I thought the catalyst was. Appreciate the work you put in

  15. We always have to be aware of the catalyst but now is more vital with what Trump tweets. I lost good trades today just because I was afraid it was going to drop down quickly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts with us. Blessings

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