Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 8/13/2019 by


  1. Dan…….You are sooooo good at what you do. Almost like you have a 6th sense. I'm such a fan : )

  2. Buy EAT. It's so undervalued compared to the other extraction companies and could be a good laggard

  3. Was looking at moving averages on weekly and monthly charts lot of these mso infants dont even have a 50day yet if you look back at weed when it first developed its 50ema was when it was a $3 stock lol and compare vff monthly to cl monthly youll see the cl pyramid as a tiny speck on the first sequence on the vff chart
    Lets go fams we got this

  4. strange how after a successful trade things change , eat better, enjoy things better, full of energy to max, nothing is impossible even fricking smell better lol.

  5. Cheering news)Those who use MEW (Myetherwallet) wallet now can receive 30% of the dividends on eth-usdt .com

  6. Dan, would love to get your take on FAF (TSX) they gapped up on the ATD announcement and have been on a daily uptrend since.

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