1. The first speaker was very eloquent and insightful. He kept on topic and had depth, clarity and solutions to Nigeria's food security by moving oil subsidies towards subsidising food. And the last point he made equally important. Nigerians need to come out and demonstrate on mass.

  2. The first guy has spoken well. From his analysis of 1983, he is in his 20s I guess and is very intelligent than some of this old men talking.
    Why are you not interviewing women? I am protesting on their behalf because they will be they right people to say if we've food security in this country. They women goes to market every day.

  3. Buhari knows what he is doing. He gave 100 billion Naira to his kinsmen, the fulani herdsmen who are parading all over Nigeria with cows destroying farms and killing farmers. This leads to lack of food in Nigeria, and people going into hunger, starvation and death. Before, when he was a military president with Idiagbon, they introduced austerity measure which was also a form of suffering for people.

  4. the 1st guy spoke very well, is very intelligent. Nigeria have capable people. but uncapable ones in the control

  5. America Britain western world still imports every thing what does Nigeria produce in large quantities nothing to make them stop importation of food

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