RSI Trading: Most Powerful Way To Trade With RSI Indicator πŸ“


  1. Followed this mother fuckers strategy, and lost around 1,000 dollar in just a week. I was doing better without his strategy..

  2. Do you think the market will crash because of too many smart investors? Let's say that we are trading for money that isn't there and the only money that exist is ours, so maybe these companies have to crash at some point given the fact they cant pay out because the company is in debt due to credit and other factors. What is you're take ?

  3. In a very special way, I must acknowledge Harry Clark and his Strategy, it helped so much with predicting which way the market will go. I have learned a lot about candlestick patterns and your trading strategy has changed my entire perception of the market. I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's rare to see someone in your position who's made their money to give back to people and help them along their journey to become successful traders. Thanks, sir, you are legendary.

  4. Do you ONLY lose money if you sell lower than what you bought the stock for? I don't get how you lose money if you buy a stock early and its still in a downward trend? Can you just hold the stock until it goes above what you bought it for then sell it?

  5. When trading using an entire account… would you recommend locking in profits and closing all positions when not swing trading/day trading, leaving the total account untouched until finding new criteria and confirmations to trade on?

  6. you have no idea how much i look forward to your new videos. i think i speak on many others behalf. youre fantastic teacher i wouldnt have made the trades i would have if it wernt for you. i love the realism, you lay down the facts you lay down what you need to survive, you inspire me greatly!

  7. rsi can be a factor but depending on the stock i've seen rsi high very high and stocks keeps pumping

  8. I have a question about limit orders. What is a good strategy for setting a buy and sell limit order? Thank you.

  9. You forgot to mention another level, 50 level. Also divergence with RSI, drawing trend line on RSI

  10. Charlie I’ve mastered reversal trading thanks to you! Do you have a setup for momentum trading or better to avoid entirely?

  11. 30 seconds into the video, is there any sites or screeners that has a list of RSI oversold/overbought companies (other than using your brokerage account looking at each one individually)? Thanks

  12. Here is something I use …take the 70 and 30 off and add a 50 … And use it as a cross for entry …and add a rule that you only buy above a 50 sma or 200 sma and sell below … Works well !

  13. Hey I have only been on the stock market for just over 2 months i really enjoy it and i have learned a lot from videos and channels like yours. Just wondering if you have any book suggestions or websites that are worth signing up for and or other resources that can teach me and help keep up with market news

  14. RSI good to consider but im all abt EMA !!! That's all i use EMA AND RSI !!!! Also watch for different time frames ….

  15. Do you just use TD Ameritrade to trade or you use Webull too?? What's your set up like, etc?? And, what's the highest amount you lost trading, etc?? Oh, do you have any opinion on Tastyworks? They have $1 and change for options trading!!

  16. How do you find stocks with tons of movement? I see youtubers do live trading where the price is fluctuating constantly but any stocks I find seem to barely move.

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