The Elliott Wave Wednesday Live Stream w/ Todd Gordon and Special Guest Brian Shannon- 8/14/19


  1. im glad to see Todd that you have finally considered expanding triangle count. by the way c'wave of this current expanding triangle is 1.618 of a'wave AND d' went to the 1.618 multiple of b'wave !! that was my target to sell call spreads away from that 27400 level(3030 in sp500) . S&P500 and the DOW both exhibited those wave relationships. Now the e'wave target to the downside is different though..that should go to 1.27-1.38 of c'wave as its done in the 2225-2150 in the sp500 are viable targets. scary stuff

  2. I trade almost only FOREX but I really enjoy your webbinars and wait for them.The way you guys apply the wave principle and your amazing Motive Waves software are a very interesting point of view.

  3. great stuff .. Please can you review wave count on Nifty(India).
    That would be a Hugh help.

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