What To Look For In A Trade! + Bitcoin Trade Setup, Updates on AUDNZD & Ripple


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  2. Great video , really educative… Could you please throw more light on trade psychology. The ability to be composed, patience and accepting losses.

  3. Thank you Sir, I enjoyed to see this lesson, it is a great start for me as a beginner and please do not forget to add something new for beginners at the next videos. I have an issue in my trading, I have an algorithm to follow and it worked at the end after I had got tear and pain. I know my entry timing is very bad as it is based on a hunch, would you please help me to find a certainty!!! my Algo consists of 6 steps, identifying and confirming the general trend on two time frames (30 min & 4 Hrs) find a signal (break of a trend or MA, confirming this signal by volume indicator, double confirmation by momentum indicator, trigger the trade, risk 2%, SL 2 ATR, TP 2 ATR, trail stop and early exit in case of reversal action. kindly review and advise, thanks a lot and best regards.

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