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  1. What about brokerage and other charges that will eat up all the profit . Specifically brokerage on future market .

  2. Ur method of explanation was mind blowing really
    ..crystal clear language…very easily understandable..sir thank you

  3. Superb strategy.Can we apply the same by buying put options or by selling futures.If stock price increase u gain in delivery,if it decreases u profit from the put/futures sold.Possible?Thanks in advance

  4. But why don't all the people take this opportunity, is there any problem other than huge capital requirement??

  5. Broker fno ki sell position wali delivery shares se kaise accept karega in the middle of fno series is on. Pls advise which broker helping this type of sales

  6. thanks a lot for this video i have this topic in my commodity and derivative market subject and this video just cleared all my doubts!♥️

  7. "use discount brokerage, equity delivery is free, future flat 20/-." .. please suggest name of broker … will zerodha offer this ?

  8. sir very nice…thank you,,,one doubut….equity shares sell(delivery)….future shares buy….possible….?

  9. Sir, I have a doubt, what about the brokerage and other govt charges, we need to calculate that also, am I right ? Please clarify.

  10. Hi … As you informed at the end of expiart both future and stock almost at same . But I was observing money control .. at the last day also there are difference in future and stock ..why is it ? Can you please clarify ?

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