Bitcoin Technical Analysis Today: 8.25.19


  1. Thanks to everyone who has answered the question thus far. This is important stuff to know. Hungry Hungry Hippo, trading for that Crypto 😉

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  3. Your counts are informative and clearly justify your target predictions. I've come to be confident in your tagets, having been a subscriber and fan since you started and, therfore, am most interested in those targets. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I'd like to mention some observation. I noticed so far that most of the dumps were artificially intended through consistent bot selling not like a normal market behavior but rather intended fast selling by a minority of whales. This makes me think that when the higher lows are stable now there is more likely a pump coming. Because so far there is not a single organic dump that came after an artificial dump. The dumps are always coming after huge pumps.

  5. I value the targets and TA both just as much. I'm early stages of learning and both help tremendously. Thank you

  6. I just got into crypto, primarily Bitcoin, this summer. In comparison to other channels, you have a no nonsense elliot wave brakedown. So for me your TA has been helpful. Quick question….Do you give any weight to the triangle formation on the higher timeframes?

  7. Thanks. Answering your question I'm interested in the targets. Do you think now it's possible for a run to 11k from 10k or not? I didn't get the bullish scenario. Do we have to meet a lower target? Because I see that so far the lower highs are respected. First 9870 then 9970 to 10k stable. Looks like there is a pump coming that will break 10.4 this time to surprise everyone.

  8. I watch it to learn real-time about the analysis and the count of the Elliott-waves, although I'm still shaky in that area, and still mostly take what you say, and combine it with what spacial relationships I see on the chart. Basically, then try to see where what I think fits with this craziness Elliott waves that is just a lot of material for so far what I have had time to get to… My understanding is getting deeper, although still starting to really learn the Elliott waves stuff. Anyway, so definitely for that, and then also to just hear out your overall thinking about what you think is about to happen and then compare it to what is happening in the market as I am watching the video and looking for those clues. Backwards, but it, getting the training when I can, wow it's a challenge, but I will not be defeated! Thank you!

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