Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginners


  1. I encountered several loses when I started to trade btc until I came in contact with Mr Cory Clinton online here who's has really helped me in growing my bitcoin account.

  2. kinda confused on how trading works. lets say I buy 20$ of btc at 10,000 and the sell price of btc goes up to 10,700. when I go to sell that why is it selling for 24$ and not something higher?

  3. I’m seeking help I’ve recently started to trade with bitcoin and I never got nothing from what I was promised please help

  4. Thank you for the great information, i am new in trading bitcoins and its a very nice thing.. Do you know of a Bitcoin Coach who can guide me through trading and as well as mentor me through as i share with him some percentage of the profits?

  5. Great clear video👍
    I just have a question I am very new to Bitcoins and wanted to know should I buy through a broker who charges a small fee or go directly to a platform like and start trading through them? Thanks

  6. Please I have a question… Why does the bitcoin trading advisers always want your money… As in adding more funds into your account…. The guy thought I was senseless

  7. great video guys! couldn't be easier to follow. Keep that hard work
    I don't remember how I came across your website, but you definitely have a fan

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