1. Tried putting together all the action from the live trading on Friday with the Learn Plan Profit team. I took a total of 4 trades but happily closed 3 of them in the green with an overall profit of $1,200 with in the morning! Hope you enjoyed!

  2. Looks like it was a great green day Ricky! Quick question, where do you think crude oil future price will go as of right now? I seems to be trending higher and higher as of the last couple days which it will break its consolidation pattern since the 13th of August. Could possibly hit $60. Unfortunately I'm stuck in DWT, since I didn't cut losses so I'm hoping crude goes down.

  3. Hey folk im a 25 yo truck driver & im sick of it i been trying to do other things i just dont know whats next. Can anybody tell me about his traing program & if its actually worth it. Thanks ✌🏾

  4. Way too many people only focus on how much profits they can earn and when they can get rich. People need to learn how to not loose their money first and get very good at risk management. After that they can focus on trying to grow their account by not loosing their capital

  5. so you look at /CL first, and you seem to be using it like an indicator instead of just looking at DWT. is /CL ahead of DWT in time when it moves or do they move the exact same time?

  6. Love these type of videos these and your day in a life of a day trader are the best videos you make very helpful!!!

  7. is the quality of the video only bad for me? Don't get me wrong, great video in terms of knowledge but still the video could be better

  8. Just take the time to learn options, potential to make more money with leverage. A 2 dollar move in $SPY can double your money

  9. im just happy to get 10 bucks off trades at the moment. lmao. if i made 1k a day – consistently . id lose my mind and quit my job. or go part time still as a cnc machinist. your still not too fond of robinhood right? as its only a beginner platform… right?

  10. Hey Ricky! Can you make a video about this stocking app or how to use it please thank you! I love your videos!💕

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