FOREX TRADING – Why Past Performance Matters


  1. Akil, i was also looking that resistance level as an opportunity for a trend continuation trade(obviously on demo acc) & i got involve in it as i thought that big bearish rejection candle on h4 rejecting the highs as an entry signal & the RSI was also overbought but why didnt you thought it as a entry signal ?? & why didnt you get involve in a sell trade when there was a bearish tailed bar & lower close ??

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  3. Hey Akil hope you are well.. I would love to see an update of how your year has been especially the drawdowns and periods of 0 trades where patience is required just to see as I am not alone and am sure for others like me alone in this business with no one to measure up to it would be geat… Thanks

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  5. I was having a friendly discussion the other day with a friend who believed trading to be like gambling, with no edge what so ever. I'm going to make him watch this video Akil! ☺️ Great job. I'm also in a short trade in EUR/USD, so I liked this video more than one way! Double thumbs up👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Yeah buddy first in last out. Thanks Akil. Great analysis seems much easier to get when you see it and hear it.

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