Forex | Weekly Trade Ideas (Top Down Analysis)


  1. Hello guys! As i said in the video if we hit 100 likes i will randomly choose on of the comments below to win one month free subscription to my trading room 👍🙏

  2. Very accurate trading advice. Pierre knows his stuff, Learned a lot from his weekly overviews

  3. Pierre Abdulahad it’s really been profitable and awesome learning experience since I’ve joined
    Ive known you for 2years on Facebook but Just sorry it took me soo long to finally make the decision to join your group

  4. One of the best weekely analysis i have ever seen i made some very good Pips in Gold last week always a pleasure and a very good learning experience thanks for everything you do

  5. I am long EURUSD, NZDUSD, GBPUSD, OIL, and looking to add USDCAD shorts and SILVER longs. I believe the DXY has reversed (the gaps down on DXY futures in tradingview is only giving us hints that BIG MONEY is short the market, and I want to be playing with the big guys). This however is not yet a clear technical signal until we get second weekly candle up on the EURUSD but I am anticipating this will happen next week.
    The distance of this move I estimate it in 1200-1400 pips before significant correction occurs, with EUR reaching 1.190 level
    (btw, the OIL has classical Elliot Wave pattern on 1H chart with all 5 waves completed, you might be interested in revising it)

  6. That candle on the DXY is the after-hours trading of some big player on the market who altered the price by placing a big sell order. The instrument you are looking at is a futures contract, future contracts are trading independently from the real dollar index, they can fluctuate depending on the real buying or selling. When trading of DXY opens, the bots are gonna buy it immediately and restore the price to previous level , back to Friday's price, however if on Sunday the EURUSD gaps up, this level will be different. You can find out if market is gonna gap up or down 2 hours before Sunday's opening if you create an account at FXCM broker. Their system begins showing pre-market orders 2 hours before the official opening and you can get this information before the other traders and possibly get an edge for your trading plan.

  7. As always lots of wisdom goes into your presentation. I can not wait to listen to your video each week.. Thanks again for your valuable input into the market.

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