Four Times My Daily Goal! +$8k | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Hi , warrior trader. Can I use momentum strategy to trader ,AAPL, FB ,ROKU or NFLX…. so on ?? These are high trading-volume every day.

  2. Hey Ross. Thanks for the videos as always. I was feeling bad until I see we got caught almost exactly the same on NSPR. I was in at 4.64, tried to sell on bid out of halt and couldn't get filled until 4.05. My question is what you mentioned on FRAN regarding slippage. I tried to get into NSPR at 4.13. I hit shift 1 and got filled at 4.64. Is there anyway to prevent that? The chat room said put an offset but my thinking is that when I hit the key at 4.13, it had already moved on the level 2 to 4.60 which means I would have gotten filled at 4.65 with the offset. Am I correct or does using the offset minimize slippage? Thanks

  3. Hello Ross, I know that one of the qualities of an A+ quality stock is above average volume, however, how much is too much volume?

  4. Great work by precis job with low commission. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    By the way could you say what the ranges are (from/to) for your scanner for stock criteria (Price, Float, Volume, Share, etc.), and this may be a rookie question: In your scanner, what are the differences between Float, Volume, and Share? Thank you.

  5. Ross trades like a machine and is extremely good at his style of trading… however I don't really think this a skill (physically and mentally) that can be easily taught to most people . I can EASILY see 90% of traders getting absolutely wrecked trying to trade like this. In fact… that is the sad reality. Not trying to be a downer or anything, but as someone who has been trading for 12+ years, just speaking the truth.

  6. anyone trade MNK?
    Got in really easily in my simulator. Basically didn't stop breaking new highs .
    I missed the good entry but it had a potential profit of over 50 percent.
    these are the type of trades that will make me quit my back breaking sweat shop of $150/day for trading a 12k day with only a 3k starting saving and 24k margin.

  7. Ross, my Trade Ideas is linked to my Interactive Brokers in two ways:
    1) I can trade straight from TI through their Brokerage Plus or directly from their charts, it's all linked to IB TWS, which is great.
    2) I activated "direct link" in TI and now if I click on any symbol within TI app, my IB TWS will simultaneously switch to that symbol too, so I can trade instantly from TWS as well. Really good.

  8. Excellent work, Ross. You're an inspiration to many newbie traders. And a respected man to many seasoned traders.

  9. I really need to get off pdt and use a better software, I got in on FRAN @9.14 and didnโ€™t have accurate info on tradingview… I didnโ€™t sell above 10 and got stopped out break even. Pdt is annoying

  10. I took my dog out to take a poop and was debating on entering cuz it seemed bullish but I had already made money. Came back in and it was a dollar up.

  11. Lol, You know you've made it when you have a Camera Recording You, With another Camera Recording the First Camera Recording You.

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