FX Coin Bot – Best Forex AutoTrading App (Reasons, Results & Review)


  1. Hi Paul, i register with Fxcoinbot and got Everfxglobal as a broker, i made a deposit and all is sync, but can not do any trades, the error message is " wait a bit longer with broker " can you help ?

  2. Hi. I have registered 2 days ago, until now, I have not received any call from the company so I can deposit and start with this platform. How long will it take for them to call? Thanks.

  3. Hi Paul! Should you suggest me one of these bots among FX Coin Bot, Calloway Softw. and Global Crypto App what's the best one..or better, which is on your IMHO the one with the best algo and up to date? Is Crypto Master Bot a good one yet? All the best again Paul!!

  4. Hey!i registered in Fx Coinbot but i have access only to ufx in my country!the thing is i deposited money and i am connected but ufx is not working with pips and the trade is not automatic when i select the trade button!i am begginer!is there any solution?thank you!!

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