How To Avoid Selling Too Early?


  1. Not that I'm better, because I'm obviously not! But… I can't help but get frustrated with your teachings to your team! I have noticed that based off this video as well as all your other videos is that you clearly have a "conservative/scalp" style of trading…which is totally fine! But… It's super shitty at the same time considering most of your entire fan base and students including myself are limited to the pdt rule! We couldn't use that many trades in an entire 2 weeks that you made in one day! I think you should focus on teaching to your students rather than to the .001% who actually have that amount of capital to trade with…not that they would anyways because they are learning. You seriously need to teach how to trade, to people who can only make 1 solid play at best 3 times per week…not 10 day trades in 1 day! I'm pretty sure you know this too, that's the disappointing part!

    P.S. on your trade, if you weren't so focused on indicators that lag…and were more focused on the volume and price action you would have seen that you shouldn't have sold….volume was picking up and bulls were stepping in, bro you panicked sold.

  2. totally agree! Today I sold to close an AAPL Call Option "Early" for 200% return …. don't really care about selling early, green is green!

  3. Hey Rickyy, I've been following you for a couple of months and was doing paper trading for about 3 weeks and just 2 weeks ago started a small $150 account and have been doing okay day trading BUT, I'm only eligible to do 3 trades a week due to robinhoods restriction. Could you post a video doing a beginner's guide how to weekly/swing trading, similar to your day trading ones? Thanks man!!

  4. Can u set your selling point real time as the stock moves up or once u set it is where u sell no matter what

  5. That’s my issue, I take small profits and like yesterday take big losses like oil 10:42 am central time. No damn warning ⚠️

  6. Hey Ricky when you start at 1:47 talking bout entry exits does that mean your buying and selling ? I thought there was a limit per day of selling and buying . I’m starting from your videos from 3 yrs ago just trying to learn the lingo and write down these definitions in my notebook sorry for the long message.

  7. U did not wait for the consolidation due to that resistance ,u just booked Ur profit , low risk low rewards

  8. Profit is a profit… Now i knew Ricky does make money trading. You will always leave money on the table. Unless you can predict lows and highs.. and this video proves Ricky does trade live and will real money and make money out of trading contrary to the other salty youtubers opinions. 🙂

  9. You dont think youre over trading? You had lots of buys over 1K amount of shares.. just my opinion, I prefer to wait for max profit probability set up and with a 500 share make usually hit 250-700 profit! Youre still an awesome trader and inspire me alot. I will be like you.

  10. i move my stop up to make sure i dont sell to early. so if a stock is preforming well for me i stay in the trade

  11. Completely makes sense where you sold. It hit the resistance. You didn’t know it would push up like that. Solid trade

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