How To Make An Income From Forex Trading


  1. I don't think stop loss 100 or 200pips is good for daytrade ;)But 10 or 20pips on daytrade i think can be ok i use atr x14 to check what is the volitality.

  2. Hell there I am a long time subscriber to forex source.
    Now to get to this video!
    What if when I trade I always calculate my position size according to my SL. I do not use more than 0.7% of my account per trade, BUT if my SL is hit I only lose 0.7%.
    But they way you say it to have a SL of 100 or 200 pips sounds like not feasible at least how I am doing it!

    Of course you know way better than me and a whole lot more than little old me!

  3. If you don't want to use leverage, then you should avoid Forex and trade stocks. Asset volatility is just too little in Forex.

  4. My question is I analyse the fundamental than I use technical but most of the time my sl hit its because I don't know how much time the impact of that specific fundamental will last.

  5. jarratt thx for all what you're doing. I love you for it bro gg thanks! ive been following you for years and you're the real deal.

  6. How can I improve my ability to analyze market sentiment in relation to Price action? Like understanding market sentiment responsible for the print daily candle stick

  7. JD can you suggest me some reputable trade copying websites or central trading websites who is paying subscription to her members

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