How To Plan Your Trades – Money Monday


  1. Jay, you're awesome man. Let me tell something, you're always a talk of town amongst South African traders. Thanks for your passion in this man. Big up 👆

  2. what he says about mastering the basics is so true, I'm a second degree black belt in two different martial arts and I can tell you that 80% of my arsenal that I use in both tournaments and real world fights are basic to intermediate techniques, I don't even use the really advanced techniques too much because it's not necessary in the situations I find myself in….. It's incredible

  3. Jay Wayne! Bro, you inspire me alot dude! I like your trading style plus you are into music like I am. Let's trade and track out some stuff.

  4. I have to say that since I have been watching your videos, I have had more wins than losses. Please keep these videos coming.

  5. Damn!!! Risk more than 10%….. hope you don’t blow up trading account in a month…. especially trading GBP/XXX.

  6. Hey Jay bro I'm a big fan of ur work I'm from SA I would like to join your team I just don't know how much it cost???

  7. nice gain man. i would take that and be happy all the way to the bank. more is welcome sure… but no need getting greedy and getting burned. the greed monster will get ya. you played it smart and walked away with a nice profit. good move.

  8. BEWARE anyone who says trading is easy is LIEING. There is absolutely no way Jay makes his money from the market – pips don’t pay his bills. 60k subs – YouTube pays the bills.

    No skill, no coherent strategy, no “plan” whatsoever! Such a joke. He has absolutely no idea how to trade

    He’s so “humble” and “real” but it’s all an act. Don’t listen to this guy, if you do you’ll be rekt. There are much better sources of info out there, from people who actually know how to trade.

  9. Hay jay, I already pay but step one setting doesn't let me to go further, its says telegram name?

  10. I have a tip for ya ifn u dont already know. Sure you do, but!
    Wanna make more bank, trade BTC in the crypto market. Euro currencies move alongside with it.
    So trade both at same time… pip tip!

  11. Jay, I like your idea on using a .10 lot size for every $100 in your account. The money is there for us to make, but we must pull the trigger for it to happen. What up doe from Detroit 💪🏿

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