How To Withdraw From LQDFX To Coin Base


  1. This video is not to brag or boast. But to inspire & motivate. I don’t flash money around it’s not my style. This is to show that you can really become wealthy trading FOREX.

  2. hello jay good evening its Wednesday 9/11/2019already and am waiting for your video are we not having any videos for the week?

  3. Great tutorial, just starting out and learning so much from you and your no bullshit straightforward approach. Keep up the good work Jay. Much love from over the water

  4. Hey Jay Joy 😉 congrats! I opened account with LQDFX few weeks ago because you mentioned this broker. Make sure you get credit on it Bro! Loved your motivation videos…. no Lamborghini 💪

  5. I recommend that you send your btc to pro.coinbase and sell the btc over there for much much much less fees!!!

  6. Selling on coinbase pro will help you avoid those fees you paid when converting to cash. Regular coinbase website is pretty steep on fees

  7. Quick tip: If ya'll want to avoid that coinbase fee when converting crypto into USD and vice versa then use coinbase pro. Same log-in credentials coinbase. Would have saved you 113 bones J.

  8. Do u have a video on how u can deposit with coinbase? I use coinexx as my broker and I’m a little confused , also when I deposited money it says my funds aren’t available for up to 10 days

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